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WEEK 1: Getting Started

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • Discover why wholesaling properties is the best method of house flipping.

  • We reveal the reasons why some people CRUSH their wholesale markets,
    and why others flop.

  • You will receive a “bird’s eye view” of what part time vs full time wholesaling

    means for your business

  • Case Study: Jaelin White- How an 18 year old kid with $180 made more
    than $33k in 60 days in the most competitive market in the country

  • Implementation Checklist- Keep your weekly tasks organized

  • Setting your Goals - First Check Matrix

  • How morning rituals can increase your focus and daily productivity

  • Q&A

WEEK 2 & 3: Setting Up Your

Business/Lead Generation

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • How to get your business set up the right way for success using our “go to” systems

  • The best email automation provider to use on a low budget

  • Setting Up Podio So You Can Manage Your Business From Anywhere. This FREE Business Management Platform WILL change your Life.  It's AMAZING

  • Setting Up CallRail.com So You Can Track Your Marketing.  The Ultimate Phone Systems and How to Set it Up and Use it for Precise Tracking.

  • Setting Up Your Website and Landing Pages. How to Get Leads in Your inbox 24/7 with this Amazing Tool

  • My Top 10 Highest Converting Keywords and Ad Copy

  • Confused about direct mail? Not sure which is the best list, or the best mail piece to mail? How about how may times should you mail the list, or send branded/unbranded marketing?

  • Finally get 100% clarity on what works and what doesn’t.

  • An in-depth look into “Door Knocking”- Sean’s first successful technique.

  • How to effectively use bandit signs and where to place them for maximum exposure.

  • Learn to use Craigslist, FSBO.com, and Zillow to your advantage.

  • Q&A

WEEK 4: Managing Leads

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • Taking the Calls and Booking Appointments. Talking to Sellers is CRITICAL!  You must know exactly WHAT to say and WHAT to listen for.

  • What to Bring on the Appointment.  Being prepared is HALF the battle.  Knowing how to structure the deal BEFORE you meet the seller is CRITICAL!

  • Using the Simple Strategic Seller Script (In State & Out of State).  This is the exactly script we use in my business.

  • Booking a High Probability Appointment. (a MUST)

  • How to Pull Comparable Sales So You Know if You Have a Deal or Not.  This will make or break your success and is the hardest for new investors to figure out. 

  • Case Study

  • Q&A

WEEK 5: Meeting The Seller

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • Pre-Appointment Neighborhood Analysis (know more than your seller.

  • Showing Up and Reading the Seller Like a Book.  You'll learn and know the 4 Personality types and how to read them and motivated them to do business with you.

  • Building Subliminal Rapport for Competition-Crushing Results.  Your
    competition will not have a chance.

  • Price Presentation: Using the Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation. Position
    and Presentation will allow you to Offer a Very Low Price and Get the Deal
    with Little Objections.

  • Price Presentation: Using the Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation. Position
    and Presentation will allow you to Offer a Very Low Price and Get the Deal
    with Little Objections.

  • Checklist

  • Q&A

WEEK 6: Negotiating and

Selling The Property

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • Overcome Objections Using the Objection Annihilation Method. The 16 Most Deal
    Killing Objections and How to Overcome Them...Word for Word

  • Getting The Contract Signed Using These 4 Trusted Closing Techniques.

  • Picking a Closing Agent and Opening Escrow.

  • Double Escrow? Assignment? Transactional Funding? What to do and How to Do It.

  • Finding FLOODS of Hungry Cash Buyers to Fight Over Your Property

  • How to get Buyers to say “Yes” to your deal

  • Closing the Deal and Getting Your 1st Check! Boom Baby!!!

WEEK 7 & 8: How To Scale Your Operation To $100K/Month

In this week's module, you will learn:

  • How to transform your wholesaling hobby into a consistent and predictably money machine

  • Understanding the Numbers:  How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals

  • What KPI are the Most Important to Manage and Scale Your Business to a $100K a Month

  • Get access to the tool we use to effectively map out your organization for maximum profitability

  • How to manage your time properly

  • Case Study

  • Q&A


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Deal Analyzing Profit Evaluation Coaching

Hop on a call with my team each week for a chance to have your deals selected for a live evaluation to determine if it's a "deal or no deal"… ensuring you ONLY move forward on offers that ASSURE you a healthy profit. This allows you to safely and confidently pursue BIG profit flips… WITHOUT any fear of making a costly mistake. ($997 Bonus)

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A Lifetime Product

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Designed for Busy People

We designed this course with people that have super busy schedules in mind.  We have short and easy to understand video lessons, so You get to learn at your own pace. Spend 15 minutes here or there while on your lunch break, or even while on the treadmill. It's totally up to you!

 BONUSES ($23,170 VALUE!)

When you secure your seat today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and production resources for FREE so you save even more time and earn more money.

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls and Q & A

Join me bi-weekly as we go over the good, the bad, and the profitable in the wholesale real estate industry. Get your questions answered live.

$9,997 Bonus

Coaching Calls  ARCHIVE

We're also giving you access to our ENTIRE Collection of coaching calls
since 2010 to give you that extra edge over your competitors!

$1,997 Bonus

Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation

Get access to my coveted step-by-step iPad presentation that my sales agents use to help me continue to DOMINATE ANY MARKET, and squeeze every bit of profit out of each deal while catering to each personality type of sellers

$1,997 Bonus

Scripts and Forms

Get access to my forms and scripts that my team uses daily to streamline our processes and tasks which ultimately saves us tons of time and make us more money.

Residential Purchase Contract (when buying)


Residential Purchase Contract (when selling)


Assignment of Contract Option Agreement with Seller

15 Day “Flex” Option


Authorization to Release Information


Wholesale Property Analysis Form


Wrap Property Analysis Form


Buyer Lead Sheet/Script


Seller Lead Sheet/Script


Weekly Activity Log


Monthly Activity Log

$497 Bonus

Spreadsheets and Checklists

Get access to my spreadsheets and checklists that my team uses daily to streamline our processes and tasks which ultimately saves us tons of time and make us more money.


Marketing to Income Analyzer: Use this to gain clarity on how to produce income at will.

Lead to Income Tracker: Use this so you can determine which leads and how many produce the income.

Lead to Income Projection Worksheet: Gain clarity in your business by projecting your monthly income.

Wholesale Offer Generator: Know exactly what to offer on a property by using this simple but powerful tool.

Residential “Fix and Flip” Deal Analyzer: Know the exact cost and profit on any potential fix and flip.

$497 Bonus


If you are not satisfied with Flip2Freedom Academy for any reason, then you can contact Chelsea and we will refund you no questions asked.

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